One of a Kind

A company founded on integrity and professionalism, Flader Plumbing & Heating Co. has served Chicago’s North Shore community for over a century.

History of Flader Plumbing & Heating Co.


Gottfried William Flader founded Fred Flader Plumbing & Heating, Inc., in 1918. His first office was located at 1922 Central Street, Evanton, IL. In 1920 Fred Flader Plumbing, Inc. moved to 1918 Harrison Street where it remained until 1970 when Flader Plumbing & Heating moved to its current location, 3004 Central Street.

Flader Plumbing was one of the few companies to remain open during the depression, serving the North Shore and building the reputation that has followed us over the 95 plus years we have been in business. In the 1940’s Fred Flader Plumbing & Heating, Inc. was featured in the March issue of Fortune Magazine as one of the 15,000 plumbers servicing homeowners and light commercial properties.


Upon the death of Fred Flader, in the early sixties, Calvin Flader became owner of Flader Plumbing & Heating Co. In 1976, Calvin retired and his two sons took over the business. Calvin remained a consultant until his death in 1985. William 3rd generation, and his son, Douglas, 4th generation, are continuing the legacy of the business. Jack, the 5th generation, is in the wings and hopefully one day will follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and father Douglas.

When Calvin took over the business from his father, he remembered how hard it was to make ends meet during the depression. Consequently, he brought that same hard work philosophy and watch your “pennies” attitude to the business to pursue his dream of high standards, strong work ethics, pride, and customer satisfaction. He succeeded in his aspirations and passed all of his knowledge onto his two sons in hopes they would succeed just as he did. They have, and Flader Plumbing and Heating Co. prides themselves in giving their customers the best in service, material and labor.


Flader Plumbing & Heating Co. has built a outstanding reputation on the North Shore since 1918, as well as in Lake County since 1990 when we opened a branch in Vernon Hills. In 2000, we opened a branch in Round Lake and in 2012, we opened a brand new company called Flader Mechanical Corporation – that will further serve the community for years to come. Even though our economy is not what it should be and may never be, it is thrilling to see we have survived and had the resources and opportunity to expand our business ventures.

In 2021, Doug Flader opened a second Service Center to better serve customers in Libertyville, Mundelein, and Vernon Hills. Flader remains active in support of community activities and youth organizations.

Doing it right for over 100-years.


Since 1918, Flader has satisfied plumbing needs within our community. We are proud of the feedback and comments of our valued customers. Here’s just a few.

Flader thrives on exceeding expectations of our residential and commercial customers.  We deliver cost effective solutions for homeowners and businesses.  Our Service Centers in Evanston and Libertyville are ready to serve.  Call us today at 847-491-6980.

Flader Goes Skyward

A long-term commercial customer needed an upgrade on their air quality system.It required two 20-ton and two 10-ton Carrier units mounted on the rooftop, plus piping and custom sheet metal inside their manufacturing center. The Flader Team went skyward with a huge crane to land the units on the rooftop.In just 2½ days, the transformation was completed.Click “See our Work” to view more success stories.

Flader t-shirt
Flader t-shirt
Flader t-shirt

Flader Supports Youth Activities

Flader continues supporting local youth programs. We proudly sponsor EBSA and events at Robert Crown Community Center. It teaches teamwork, builds confidence, and strengthens our community.

Flader Supports Youth Activities
Flader vehicles

Evanston Service Center: 3004 Central, Evanston, Il 60201
Libertyville Service Center: 523 3rd Street, Libertyville, Il 60048