The Truth about Low Water Pressure

Does it seem to take forever to rinse shampoo from your hair? Does low water pressure leave a feeling of soap residue after showering? If low water pressure follows you from your shower to your kitchen sink…

Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Today we wish you a Happy Holiday Season. We are very appreciative of the opportunity to keep your family warm, comfortable, and safe throughout the year with precision heating and air conditioning.

The Truth about Magnetic Filtering

Protecting cast iron heating systems is a continuous challenge. Homes and buildings with a hot water boiler system struggle with properly maintaining the corrosive cast iron piping and fixtures.  

Preparing for the Summer to Winter Change-Over

It’s time to transition from your air conditioning system – that worked so hard to cool you during our humid summer months – to switching-on your furnace to ready your home for Midwest winter temperatures.     

The Truth about Frost-Proof Outdoor Water Faucets

As you feel the fall chill in the air, thoughts move toward winter and those frigid blasts that turn everything to ice. Among your steps in winterizing should be rolling up outdoor garden hoses and checking outdoor faucets. You need to make sure the faucets are frost proof and free of leaks.

The Truth about your Garbage Disposal

You’re cleaning up after a wonderful dinner with guests when you turn on the garbage disposal and nothing. Silence. And you’ve just jammed remains from a 3-course dinner down the drain. It’s terribly inconvenient and a smelly mess! Appliances we depend on wear out.

The Truth about Sump Pumps

When water builds up around the foundation of your home, the pressure pushes it through floors and walls. To relieve this pressure, your sump pump operates inside a pit dug in the lowest part of your basement where water drains from tiles installed under your foundation. The sump pump redirects water away from the house.

Flader 100 Anniversary

Protect Your Family from Lead in Drinking Water (CLICK HERE)


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Flader Goes Skyward

A long-term commercial customer needed an upgrade on their air quality system.It required two 20-ton and two 10-ton Carrier units mounted on the rooftop, plus piping and custom sheet metal inside their manufacturing center. The Flader Team went skyward with a huge crane to land the units on the rooftop.In just 2½ days, the transformation was completed.Click “See our Work” to view more success stories.

Flader t-shirt
Flader t-shirt
Flader t-shirt

Mandy Boes presents Doug Flader with framed youth jersey in appreciation of Flader's sponsorship of the Evanston (EBSA) Rookie League.

Flader t-shirt
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