We’ve all heard the ‘pitch’.  Sign-up for a maintenance agreement.  Save and be certain you’re your heating and air conditioning system is operating efficiently.   It’ll extend the life of your equipment.

But, is it true?  Are maintenance agreements really worth it?  

Without a doubt – YES!  Maintenance Agreement deliver.  They . . . protect . . . save money . . . increase your comfort . . . and, simplify your life.   Four great, irrefutable reasons.

Convenient Protection.

With a maintenance agreement, a certified technician is regularly scheduled to inspect your heating and air conditioning system to ensure that the air quality in your home is safe and meeting quality standards.   

Today’s high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems are fine-tuned, highly-sensitive operating machines.    They’re designed with electronic controls and sensors to ensure maximum efficiency. But, like any precision equipment, your system needs care and maintenance.

Without regular maintenance checks, your home is at risk of poor air quality and circulation.   Cleaning filters, coils, and maintaining Energy Star standards are critical. You’ll protect your family and your investment.

Save Money.

Anyone who has had to deal with a freezing morning and an ‘emergency’ call for repairs knows how costly it is.  24/7 emergency service comes with a hefty price.

Service Agreements from Flader Heating and Air Conditioning ensure . . . #1 emergency response time . . . FREE furnace filters annually . . . discounts on all repairs . . . no overtime charges . . . as well as NO CHARGE scheduled maintenance ‘check-up’ visits.   

With regular check-ups, potential problems can be spotted and corrected while they are still minor.    Plus, regular check-ups maintain your warranty, extend the life of your equipment, and likely saves on energy bills.  

Improve Comfort.

It’s your home.  Keeping it comfortable with clean air circulating is what we all want for our family.   Cozy warm in the winter and an escape from Chicagoland’s summertime humidity. You can’t put a price on getting a good night’s sleep in the comfort of your home with fresh, clean air surrounding you.  

Simplify Your Life.

There is never enough time in our schedules.  Where do you fit-in home maintenance before it becomes an emergency?

With a maintenance agreement, the team at Flader Heating and Air Conditioning keeps track of your HVAC system’s history and know when it’s time for a check-up.    They reach-out, contact you, and fit into your schedule. And, while servicing your system, our certified technicians check for issues like air-quality, humidity, leaking vents, and other issues that impact your health.    We’re trained to observe the atmosphere and offer solutions.

Sign-up Today.

Without a doubt, a Maintenance Agreement protects your home, saves money, improves your comfort, and simplifies your life.   

We Help Homeowners

Flader Heating & Air Conditioning is uniquely suited to assist you in determining the ‘right’ solution that best fits your home’s needs.   We’ve been serving the Community for over 100-years and 4-generations of the Flader Family. We take pride in exceeding expectations, providing peace-of-mind, and improving the comfort and quality of our customers’ home life.  

The Flader Difference

Only Flader Heating and Air Conditioning delivers:

• The most Responsive Service – 24-hours/7-days a week.

•  Personal attention from certified and licensed technicians.

•  The most dependable equipment and parts;

Featuring    Evolution ® Variable-Speed furnaces.

•  FREE annual filter replacement.

•  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Flader is located right in your Community.  We’re responsive in answer the phone and being at your door.  Callers to 847-491-6980 always speak to a live person – no voice-recording promising a callback.  We’ll quickly have your home back to normal. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Reliable and Trusted.

Whether you’re replacing your furnace or central air conditioning, adding a dehumidifier or clean air system, or cleaning and servicing your heating and air conditioning system, we are knowledgeable and expert in delivering the service you need.    Look to us for your annual inspection. Duct cleaning. Diagnose malfunctions. Improving ventilation. Replacing Filters. Installing advanced, state-of-the-art high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners.

Our professional technicians arrive on-time, listen, answer your questions, recommend the right solution, and deliver as promised.    Flader technicians average 10-years of experience and are EPA certified.    

Expert service, quality parts, and satisfaction guaranteed.  That’s the combination you deserve. Don’t compromise.   Call us at 847-491-6980.  

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